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Global cross – boarder recruitment is gathering force tremendously than ever before due to the fact that human race is increasing at an astronomical rate far higher than the growth of resources. This population growth verses resources puzzle and equation, differ from country to country. Consequently, some countries may experience unemployment, over-employment, under-employment and excess employment vacancies at some point. A mild consolation is that the business world is becoming more and more marked by the increasing internationalization of markets and firms, thereby creating cross-boarder employment opportunities. Relatively, competitive economics are emerging poised for excess production and export performance, which may in the end establish platforms for job opportunities.

Corollary, globalization has led to the continuing rise of multinationals, accelerating global expensive takeovers and mergers which have become increasingly important feature of the industrial and commercial scene. These market developments which provide employment vacancies and sometimes unemployment lay the foundation for an institution like Global Job center, serving as the spring board and the network for global employment vacancies. The company therefore fill the gaps in worldwide human resource needs, in respect of unemployment, over-employment, under-employment and excess vacancies in respective countries.

The overall objective of the organization is to attain world class performance to help global production reach its peak. This status can be achieved when an environment is created dedicated to continuously filling the gaps in global unemployment. Among the overall benefits include the following:

  1. Benchmarking to establish world class standards in production and the drive for full production
  2. An unending thrust for innovation and quality, regarding product and process development and new technology.
  3. Determined attacks on global cost of production to achieve global cost leadership to enhance growth
  4. The pursuit of employee resourcing and development goals aimed at creating superior levels of individual and team competence.

Hiring a small or large number of staff around the globe can be time consuming, expensive and complex without the extensive knowledge of the local Labor Code but mostly to apply it to the best practices. Global Help Desk can help your business to hire your candidates, handle all the hiring administration and payroll and ensure that you’re in compliance with local labour laws, without the burden of setting up a large office or subsidiary abroad in a rush. Our services lets you focus on running your key business in a new country. If you have an immediate need, why wont would like to discuss how we can provide a seamless employee-leasing or PEO solution for hiring employees in anywhere in the world, please contact us at

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