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Global Job Center (GJC) employment model embraces both local and international personal management which provides employment and developing people for both local and international organizations which operate globally. It means (GJC) works across national boundaries to formulate and implement resourcing, career development and management. GJC applies and ensures appropriate remuneration packages, policies, and practices to international work force which boost staff morale.

This involves local nationals working as expatriates or on short – term assignments or permanent offer. It means the office of the Global Job Center is opened to all nationals irrespective of colour, creed, faith of origin. However prospective applicants must be skillful and possess the requisite qualifications or work experience or both. Since GJC fill gaps in job vacancies in all countries throughout the world, you can relax after registration while the staff provide the expected employment needs through networks.

Remember, our recruitment philosophical model dwell on the premise that, there is always a job vacancy somewhere and there is always corresponding unemployment somewhere. We strive to fill these gaps globally and concurrently.

Recruitment across International Boundaries

International personnel management may mean recruiting local or third country nationals to work for parent country subsidiaries, or agencies in a foreign country or overseas territory. The primary concern is whether the applicant has the requisite qualification and the skill. The job description details what the job entails and the applicant must assess whether the Curriculum Vitae fits within the person specification. The job description would set out special features of the job which must be evaluated as well as the career prospects and the mobility requirements.

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