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The need to achieve world class standards to realize competitive advantage on a global basis has focused the attention of many organizations on the relevance of seeking for the right caliber of employees who can deliver, well – motivated and committed. This search falls on the door steps of Global Job Centre.

  • Finding and securing job opportunities for all.
  • General Human Resource Planning and Recruitment
  • Employee  Training and Development
  • Personnel and development functions, namely, organization design and development
  • General personnel management, administration and development.
  • Sound employee relations, welfare and safety.
  • The pursuit of equal opportunity.

  • Worldwide organizations both governmental and non – governmental institutions. In view of our global network, our services are not limited nationality, colour, creed, faith or religion.
  • Function to enable organizations achieve its objectives by providing the necessary human capital, making interventions and providing guidance and support on all matters relating to employees.
  • Ensuring that management deals effectively with everything concerning employment and development of people and the expected relationship that must exist between management and workforce.
  • Creating the needed environment for employees to make the best use of their capacities and to realize their potential to the benefit of both the organization and themselves.

Other human resource services are aligned to the following:

  • Releasing and developing the inherent capacities of people:
    •         Developing processes that maximize staff contributions,
    •         Enable personnel with potential to obtain an organizational and management perspective early in their careers.
    •         Embedding continuous learning and development for every potential employee through training.
    •         Designing, implementing and managing systems to ensure access to relevant experience.
    •         Providing specific skills through training.

  • Recruiting, developing, and training people with the right combination of specialist know – how with broader skills and attitudes needed to match production changing demands.
  • Providing an increasingly diverse workforce with different career patterns, career aspirations and loyalties.
  • Managing employee relations, collective and individual, retaining commitment through times of change.
  • Designing, implementing and managing reward and performance review systems which align and motivate workforce, individually and in teams, towards organizational priorities.
  • Maintaining and improving the physical and mental well – being of workforce by providing appropriate working conditions and safety initiatives.



Recruitment & Selection

Our work results in well-aligned, win-win relationships. Talk to us, and we’ll help you to make the right choices.

Corporate Training

We'll learn to analyze and understand your needs, and we’ll design well-suited workshops that are fun and transformative.

Field Marketing Solutions

Make sure your customers get the message, face-to-face. We know how to do that.

Human Resource Outsourcing

You don’t need a full HR department to get the best HR services – Make GJC your HR business partner.

Consultancy & Technical Support

We generate solutions that are aligned with your strategy and operations. Reach out. Let’s talk.

Career Guidance

We know how to get the best of of graduates and what path will lead you to the top. Why don't you just hear us out.

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